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The Best Scents to Boost Confidence

Confidence is a complex combination of emotions. Thus, many of the fragrances Poised Aroma has selected for confidence are a blend of different scents which produce different emotions. 
Confidence by those who study the subject is "the degree to which you think and "feel" your actions will achieve positive results."
Confidence is a two-way street, people who are good at something feel confident about performing that task, but people who have confidence in themselves get better at tasks faster than those who don't. People who feel confident are more likely to approach problems and novelty rather than retreat. And general confidence helps performance by getting rid of distracting anxious thoughts that might make you stumble along the way.
People who are feeling confident report greater clarity-of-thought, lower levels of anxiety and fear, greater willingness to persevere, and the ability to stay present and poised
The following fragrances have been scientifically validated to invoke one or more emotions associated with feeling confident:
  1. Jasmine Oil. A study examined twenty healthy volunteers with an EEG scan (used for measuring brainwaves in different areas of the brain), pre and post inhalation of jasmine oil. The EEG showed significant increases in beta wave power (beta waves are associated with alertness, problem-solving, decision making and focused mental activity) and volunteers reported "positive emotions including the feeling of well-being, alertness, freshness and romantic arousal all being increased by the jasmine oil"[1].
  2. Rosemary. A study measured the effects of people's math skills before and after exposure to rosemary. The study reported the "rosemary group... showed increased alertness... reported feeling more relaxed and alert... and performed faster at completing math computations after aromatherapy session." [2]. Rosemary has been confirmed to increase clarity-of-thought and lower levels of anxiety via relaxation, thus increasing cognitive processing speed.
  3. Peppermint. Peppermint has shown great promise in helping with perseverance and workload mitigation. A study investigating the effects of aromas on physical performance reported: "exposure to peppermint odour resulted in increases in running speed, handgrip strength, and number of push-ups" [3]. Scientists believe that peppermint increases your body's ability to extract oxygen from the air, thus enhancing our alertness, energy, and ability to perform under challenging conditions.
  4. Orange.  Two groups in a dental office were evaluated to measure the effects of the natural essential oil of orange. One group had no exposure to the scent, while the other experienced the ambient odour of orange through an electric dispenser. The study reported: "exposure to ambient odour of orange has a relaxant effect... Those exposed to orange odour had a lower level of state anxiety, a more positive mood, and a higher level of calmness." [4] Orange, even in uncomfortable situations, helps to increase positive mood and lower anxiety. Staying positive, with low levels of anxiety, is essential to the confidence formula. It's important to note that lavender has similar effects to orange, but has been found to decrease working memory performance. A decrease in working memory performance could indirectly decrease confidence by decreasing task performance. For that reason, lavender has been excluded from the top confidence fragrances.
  5. Bergamot. Bergamot was tested for its effects on mood, stress levels, and heart rate via self-report and physiological testing. After being exposed to bergamot volunteers reported feeling less fatigued and less stressed. These reports were then confirmed by evaluating heart rate and cortisol levels.[5] Bergamot had an interesting effect by stimulating the nervous system while simultaneously reducing stress, creating a sense of relaxed confidence.
  6. Vanilla. A study investigating the psychophysiological effects of vanilla on rats "demonstrated the anxiolytic activity of vanillin is comparable to diazepam." [6] Diazepam, also known a valium, is a drug which typically produces a calming effect. Vanilla at higher doses proves to produce the same effect as this clinical drug. We are looking for a more subtle effect to help boost confidence, so simply find Vanilla in a fragrance, or use the essential oil in a diffuser to put your mind at ease and stave off anxious thoughts.
  7. Lemon"Self-report and unobtrusive mood measures provided robust evidence that lemon oil reliably enhances positive mood compared to water and lavender regardless of expectancies or previous use of aromatherapy." [7] Lemon is a powerful mood booster and anxiolytic. We have also featured lemon as a productivity enhancer thanks to its stimulatory effect. [7]  

These are the top aromas which have scientifically proven effects that bolster confidence.

We will only sell you scents which have the scientific data to support our claims.

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