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The Best Scents for Romance

Romance is incredibly important for so many people. Feeling attractive, loved and wanted can make people feel so much better about themselves. At Poised Aroma, we wanted to dig into the scientific literature and find the best scents which produce scientifically verified romantic reactions. We were not disappointed, as the effect of scents on romantic feelings proved to be one of the most studied areas of aromas. We found lots of scents that improved sexual arousal, mental arousal, joy and tranquillity, but we only selected the scents with the greatest effect on sexual arousal for our store.
Enjoy our list of aphrodisiacs and scented products and enhance your romance!
  1. Sandalwood. A study reported that the aroma of East Indian Sandalwood essential oil "elevated pulse rate, skin conductance level, and systolic blood pressure." The volunteers for the study reported higher subjective levels of arousal and reflected their reports both physiologically and behaviorally. [1]
  2. Lavender. Dr. Alan Hirsch MD measured the effects of scents on penile-blood flow in men. He found that the most effective scents for increasing median penile-blood flow were lavender and pumpkin. Increasing blood flow by 40%! That is a serious aphrodisiac. [2]
  3. Pumpkin. Dr. Alan Hirsh MD reported the same findings for Pumpkin, specifically the smell of pumpkin pie. With an increase in penile blood flow of 40%. [2]
  4. Black Licorice. Black licorice has been found to increase genital blood flow in both men and women. The combined smell of black licorice and doughnut increased penile-blood flow in men by 31.5%. "The number-one odor that enhanced female arousal was a combination of black licorice and cucumber." [3]
  5. Ginger. A study tested the effects of 3 commonly used scents for sexual arousal. Ginger showed the most promise with strong mental and sexual stimulation after inhalation. [4]
  6. Cinnamon. Cinnamon was also found to be useful in aiding mental and sexual arousal in women with depression and sexual dysfunction, although the scent was slightly less effective as ginger. [4]
  7. Red Rose Extract. What could be more stimulating than the scent of a rose? Well, most of the other scents above. But! Red rose extract did still aid in the mental arousal of women with depression. Red rose had positive effects on the parasympathetic neurons and created a sense of joy and tranquillity. [4]


Here at Poised Aromawe want our scents to actually work. We want you to be able to genuinely enhance your lifestyle with our carefully selected products.

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