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You sir, are one quick witted sophisticated man. You always get the last laugh, you never run out of jokes to crack. You love to have a good time, with the right food, music, and a little wine you could party even by yourself. Your quick wit makes you fun and interesting to engage with. You never lose the heart for a good laugh. You love to entertain and talk with others, and you can make almost anyone chuckle. When you walk into the room people smirk and giggle just by your mannerisms and attitude, you're an expert at lightening spirits. You love to be silly, and you stand out in a group because everything you do is BIG. You're also not afraid to tell it how it is or diffuse a situation with good humor. In the workplace, you keep spirits high and are often the one to invite your coworkers out at the end of the day. You are an instigator, when you want something you go after it, utilizing your wit and sophistication along the way.
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