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You sir, are one confident, in command man. When you walk into the room people know it. You're commanding presence helps others respect you and act in a straightforward manner. People hope that you will like them. If there is a crisis, people know that you can handle things and will look to you. In the workplace you provide others with energy and inspiration, most often proposing solutions rather than complaining. There's no time for pussy footing around an issue, you get straight to the point and tackle problems head on. In social settings you find it easy to engage a variety of people. You're never at a loss for words, and you have no problem jokingly elevating yourself. You can easily strike up a conversation with anyone, anytime. It's almost as if you have a switch that suddenly makes you outgoing, positive, and friendly without being imposing. When a tense situation arises you're the one that's calm and composed, while other people might get nervous in the same scenario.
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