Meet The Creator – Poised Aroma

Meet The Creator

Joshua Hollings is a husband, father, psychology major, and the creator of Poised Aroma.

With the impending birth of his son Ivern Hollings, Josh knew that he wanted to provide Ivern with all the opportunities in the world. So he decided to combine his passion for knowledge and his major in psychology into something more.

After months of brainstorming and testing, Josh finally invented his idea for a science-based fragrance service, providing people with their very own scientifically validated signature scent to augment their impression. Utilizing his knowledge in psychology, Josh dived into the scientific literature on scents. After many more months of research and development, the Poised Aroma business model was grown organically out of his research, the scents were selected, and the personality quiz designed.

Over time, Josh has created a team of consulting psychologists, researchers, and master perfumers to help improve Poised Aroma. Now, Josh, his family, and his team
are dedicated to providing signature scents to everyone wishing to augment their impression and be more like their genuine self.