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The Power of Fragrances

Josh is the creator and head of the research team at Poised Aroma. Josh has a degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto and has spent countless hours applying his expertise to understanding the psychological effects of fragrances. Josh is the author of the Science of Scents and his psychological scent is the fragrance that started it all, 4711.

Let me show you the power of fragrances with reference to two scientific studies.

More Confident, More Attractive

In the first, women were shown videos of men introducing themselves to attractive women. Half of the men were wearing a fragrance, the other half not. Women rated the men in the fragrance group as significantly more attractive than the fragrance-free gents, even though the women could not perceive any fragrance. The men wearing the fragrances did so for 2-days prior to the video, and rated themselves higher in self-confidence and self-attractiveness than before wearing the fragrance and the fragrance-free group.

In the second, female observers rated other women's attractiveness and confidence in a video interview. Some interviewees were wearing a fragrance, some were not, the observers did not know which women were in the fragrance group. The interviewees wearing a fragrance rated themselves as more positive, and the observers rated the fragrance women as more self-confident, all without even smelling the fragrance.

Men wearing the fragrances were rated by themselves and others as higher in self-confidence and self-attractiveness. Women wearing a fragrance rated themselves as more positive, and their observers rated them as more confident without even smelling the fragrance, simply observing their behaviour.

Fragrances Effect Behaviour

Without even smelling the fragrances, the groups of observers in both experiments rated the men and women wearing a fragrance as more confident and more attractive.

The amazing thing is this, the more a person liked their fragrance the more confident and attractive they were rated.

How Fragrances Work

Fragrances are powerful weapons in the social game. When we inhale different compounds our brains react in different ways. For instance, lavender, when we inhale lavender we see an overall decrease in brainwave frequency on an EEG scan. This means people inhaling lavender are going to feel more relaxed and at ease. Peppermint has the opposite effect, peppermint makes people feel more awake and alert.

All the different compounds have different psychological effects, with a lot of overlapping similarities. We've outlined all of these effects in our book The Science of Scents.

How to Best Utilize Fragrances

The latent power of fragrances is exactly why we created Poised Aroma. The power of scents has gone under-utilized for so long. Very few people know the exact psychological effects of the different compounds in fragrances. We spent literally thousands of hours researching scents and how to best utilize them.

It is super important to get your fragrance right. Think about this example, if you are a super confident person, you do not want a scent that makes people feel super chill and relaxed. You want a fragrance that makes you and others feel empowered, like they are on top of the world! You'd want to look for fragrances with scents like jasmine, sandalwood, peppermint, and citruses. And you'd want to avoid scents like lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile, and cardamom. With the right fragrance, people around you could feel like superman, and your confident impression would rise to the top of confident impressions!

The Psychological Scent Service and a Free Tool To Best Utilize Scents!

Augmenting people's impressions, making your impression on others more powerful, likable, memorable and effective, is exactly what our Psychological Scent Service is for. We've combined psychology and scents to match your personality, more specifically your natural impression, to fragrances that take your impression to the next level.

But, if you do not want to take the leap just yet and take your impression to the next level we still have a powerful tool to help you shop fragrances that work! And it's free. All you have to do is input your email down below and we will send you a copy of the Science of Scents. Use our eBook to find out exactly what different scents do to your brain and find compounds that work!