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The Science of Scents eBook

The Science of Scents eBook has massive potential to change your life. When you understand the psychological reactions fragrances are causing you can pinpoint the exact impressions you want to make on people, all using the power of scents. The Science of Scents allows you to understand exactly what the compounds in your fragrances are doing when they are inhaled. When you smell anything, a neurochemical reaction distributes signals to different parts of your brain causing real psychological reactions. Poised Aroma has used the available research on scents to provide you with a master reference book so you can become a master of fragrances in minutes. Simply use the ctrl-f function to search the eBook for the compounds in your fragrance and you'll find out exactly what kind of psychological reaction your fragrance is having. Imagine you wanted to spice up a romantic night, no problem, there are specific compounds that you would want to include and avoid in a fragrance. The Science of Scents eBook tells you exactly what those compounds are, along with dozens and dozens of other scents. The Science of Scents includes the best compounds for Confidence, Romance, Relaxation/Anxiety and Performance, as well as our database of scents with all the psychological effects and links to scientific studies.

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Customer Reviews

"Poised aroma has completely changed the way I think about fragrances. I now only buy fragrances based on the exact impression which I want to make and WOW I've had some awesome experiences with this method!"

Jane H.  -  2 APR 2019, 12:21

"Josh is super transparent and genuine, ask him anything and he'll tell you exactly what he knows with no BS. I love the Poised Aroma brand and experience, my personal favourites are the confidence and relax collections."

Gary P.  - 15 SEP 2019, 14:42

"I absolutely love this eBook. Who knew all the fragrances I love have these incredible effects on our psychology!? Amazing work Josh and the crew at Poised Aroma!"

Prashna I.  -  15 AUG 2019, 14:42