Clean Fresh Laundry 2.14 oz for Women – Poised Aroma
Clean Fresh Laundry 2.14 oz for Women

Clean Fresh Laundry 2.14 oz for Women

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Active Ingredients

  • Orange - Anti-anxiety, increased alertness and relaxant
  • Lime - Positive emotion and anti-anxiety effect
  • Lemongrass - Effective skin-care compound
  • Jasmine - Increased positive emotion, alertness and romantic arousal
  • Rose - Aphrodisiac
  • Vanilla - Anti-anxiety and mood booster
  • Woodsy Scents - Aphrodisiac and general arousal

For more information and links to scientific studies please refer to Poised Aroma's free Science of Scents eBook.

Clean Fresh Laundry Perfume by Clean, If one of your favorite scents is the comforting aroma of linens straight out of the dryer, then Clean Fresh Laundry is the perfect perfume for you. Launched by Clean in 2005, this inviting fragrance for women captures the beauty and coziness wrapped into the task of doing laundry; combining it with an alluring hint of fruits. Indulge in your favorite smell every day without even having to lay a finger on a clothes basket. The top notes are comprised of juicy orange, zesty lime and green grass. The middle notes gain a touch of floral from sweet jasmine and romantic rose. Vanilla-tinged heliotrope, earthy woody notes and warming musk come together to form the scent’s base.