Reveal Calvin Klein 3.4 oz for Men – Poised Aroma
Reveal Calvin Klein 3.4 oz for Men

Reveal Calvin Klein 3.4 oz for Men

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Active Ingredients

  • Clary Sage - Anti-anxiety 
  • Pear - Increased alertness, attention and focus
  • Sweet Agave - Increased tolerance
  • Tonka Bean - Aphrodisiac

For more information and links to scientific studies please refer to Poised Aroma's free Science of Scents eBook.

Reveal Calvin Klein Cologne by Calvin Klein, Turn over a new leaf when you dab on a splash of reveal Calvin Klein. Introduced to the world in 2015 by the Calvin Klein fashion house, this exhilarating men's fragrance features luscious pear and sweet agave notes that have been blended with spicy clary sage and rich tonka bean. The deep brandy base notes of this scent ground the entire mix with a distinctly masculine flair that allows you to subtly showcase your quiet strength.