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The Psychological Scent Service
The Psychological Scent Service
The Psychological Scent Service

The Psychological Scent Service

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Psychology Meets Scents

What Does The Psychological Scent Service Do For You?

Poised Aroma has combined psychology and scents to find you the perfect fragrance based on your personality and the natural impression you make on others. We walk you through the process of discovering a fragrance that brings out the best features of your personality. Our goal is to bring your best impression to the world through the power of scents!

What's So Important About Making A Good Impression?

Studies have shown that surprisingly accurate predictions about people's relationships can be made based on the first 20 seconds of meeting. So many opportunities rely on making a good impression, for instance, job interviews, first dates, meeting new people, how you are treated while you're shopping or eating out, what people say about you etc. In general, people treat you BETTER when you make a good impression.

How Does It Work?

The Psychological Scent process starts with an impression evaluation. With your impression in mind, we recommend you designer fragrances made from compounds that our research shows will help bring out your best impression when inhaled.

We then work with you until we find you a fragrance that A. brings out your best impression and B. you absolutely love!

When you purchase The Psychological Scent Service you'll receive:

  • An Impression Evaluation
  • A bottle of your fragrance of choice based on the recommendations
  • Five tester fragrances based on your personality and impression
  • The Poised Aroma science-based method on how to wear, care and test your fragrances
  • Recommendations, based on your personality, on exactly which compounds to look out for when you're shopping scents
  • A bottle of scentless moisturizer to help your fragrance last longer
  • A copy of the Science of Scents eBook so that you can master fragrances for life
  • A lifetime 20% discount on all Poised Aroma products!

The process is simple:

  1. When you purchase The Psychological Scent Service we will send you a link to take the Impression Evaluation
  2. Order up to 5 recommended fragrances to test for free
  3. Follow our science-based method for testing, wearing and caring for your scents for the best results
  4. Select the most effective, enjoyable, wonderful scent and we will set you up with a lifetime discount to Poised Aroma!
Money Back Gaurantee
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with our service and your awesome new impression we will give you a no-questions-asked refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority!